永遠 (Eien)

by Albert DesSophy

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    Incluye 7 Bonus Tracks (4 Remixes y 3 Bsides)
    1 - Chikyuu No Feisu (Stereoverse Remix)
    2 - いてざ の 矢 ( Itedza No Ya )
    3 - Kimi Ha Boku No Mono Da (Ghost Channels Remix Take 1)
    4 - ひかり の しし (Hikari no Shishi)
    5 - Ai / Honto no Ai (Don Solo Club Mix)
    6 - サバーバン トランジェント (Sabāban Toranjento)
    7 - Kyoei No Hime (TheXtalOSC :: Vanitas Princeps Mix)

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released October 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Albert DesSophy Ciudad De México, Mexico

El dueño de tu tecnojardín

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Track Name: 愛 /本当の愛 (Ai / Honto no Ai)
I really shouldn't have let you down
I never wanted to grow apart
If it's over
I might as well blend with the night
because lover
I'll always be waiting

I take my time
to make the things that you like
I face the dark
so I can flow back to your mind

but I'm always back to you
your bed
For You
I long
my love

all molecules diverge
it's bound not to react
In chemistry we trust
that we're not bind by lust
I have the strength to feel
I shall not close my heart
The Conviction / Self belief
of who I want in my life

It's you

I'll try to never let you down, again.
Track Name: ちきゅう の フェイス (Chikyuu No Feisu)
It's getting near dark
the end of a sight
A shimmering layer of dusk

It crosses my mind
It gets to my mood
I'm failing to see what's real

The anchor of lust
a link to your room
it's always one way to sulk

no reason to attend
the means to no end
the echoes of things to mend

I'm getting so tired
of having to hold on your thoughts now
I'm not to preserve them

Whatever you mind
I have a hard time to disrupt
the sight of the darkness

An angel of sorts
it's carving its way to be told
"I'm not on the face of the earth"

A walk down the park
A song of the moon
The color filled field of bloom

The siblings caught fire
A riot means doom
On those who may rise to the top

The egos are high
The intentions are good
but dreams never beat the facts
Track Name: きみ は ぼく の ものだ (Kimi Ha Boku No Mono Da)
Today, you're mine
the locks collapse

I got away with it
got away with it
you got stuck with me
you're not alone

I got away with it
got away with it
you got stuck with me
are you gonna run?

Today, you're mine
Our souls collide

I got away with it
got away with it
you got stuck with me
you're not alone

I got away with it
got away with it
you got stuck with me
are you gonna run?

Today, you're mine
all stars alligne

I got away with it
got away with it
you got a song to sing
let'sing along

we gotta oooh
we gotta oooh

The evening started
with your hands around me
you're slowly arousing
and you can't deny it

I read your heart so clearly
and you're liking what you get
I''ve been meaning to tell you
I'll be nothing when you leave me
and you will
no you won't
yes you will
I hope you don't
Track Name: 心 の 対位法 (Kokoro No Taihou)
See through the lines
Float 'round your hopes
do no wrong
do no wrong

Blessed by the earth
Light of the dawn
do no wrong
do no wrong

seeker of truth
worshiped by few
do no wrong
do no wrong

Son of the universe
born anew
do no wrong
do no wrong

Almighty Youth
live for the good
do no wrong
do no wrong
do no wrong
do no wrong
or else...
you'll fall
Track Name: スタック ! (Stuck!)
It's hard they say
whenever you're in charge
you blame yourself
if anything turns bad

It's hard to tell,
you've never really tried
It's only fair
whenever you got stuck

It's hard to bare
whenever you got drunk
you freely take
whatever gets you high

You're not aware
of how you spend your night
you sleep all day
do nothing with your life
and you got stuck

It's all that I can stand for you
you lazy ass, you pile of dirt
It's all the mess you have around
what keeps you diggin' thru the ground
Your soul is barely what it was
you're hoping that it will come back
It's such a shame that you won't care
cause you're a pleasure to be with
Track Name: 虚栄 の ひめ (Kyoei No Hime)
En tu altar
al mundo vi
dueña del mar
del sol, de mi

Todo lo
que ahora se
es que tú
serás mi fin

De tu altar
te vi caer
y sin saber
por qué, te amé

Por años y años te esperé

Abrázame y piérdete
dilúyete en mi soledad
envuélveme en tu corazón
princesa de la vanidad
Track Name: ダッポ ハブ (Dappo Habu)
Hello, come again
lighten up, bring your friends
Hello, new found mate
cut the ties, no more games
listen up, listen well
you're like a ghost, moving in

hello, speck of dust
walk around, greet your host
Hello, man of faith
you fell in the wrong hands
I'm turning, I'm dancing
I'll wear my true outfit

Hello, boy of ends
flesh and blood, won't trascend
Hello, godsent
feed the worms, make amends
such a mess, you'll distend
upend ways, just to ascend
back again, back again

I need to get out
I can't hold my breath
It lingers my mind
It blurries my sight
It sleeps in my brain
I can't let it out
I'm trying to stop
so it won't change me

Hello come unbend
by the choices you have made
Hello, days of may
face the wrath, rise the stakes
like a hake swimming fast
don't be afraid loose your brakes

Hello, lil bloodstain
needle's out don't try to explain
Hello, heroine blessed
you can bleed the flow of shame
you're losing'em, mundane chains
a corpse full of ptomaine
is how you end

I need to get out ... but I can't change it

Hello come again..come again come again come again
Track Name: 運命 の 赤い 糸 (Unmei No Akai Ito)
Por qué?
te encierras tras la puerta cuando había más que hablar
tal vez
la cuerda planetaria se ha cansado de girar
Lo se
que todo lo que hago te parece siempre igual
no ves
que cada vez que huyes no te dejo de buscar

Mis pies
van frenando su marcha si te trato de alcanzar
Mi piel
pierde su consistencia cuando te intento tocar
Y aun si
mi cuerpo se ha cansado de seguirte sin cesar
No tengo intención
de rendirme jamás

Pues he mirado todo lo que eres
Y estoy mirando todo lo que eres
Y un hilo rojo es visible ante mis pies