by Albert DesSophy



Y al fin, aquí está para el cliente de gustos refinados, Tecnojardín, el nuevo álbum de Albert DesSophy, brindandoles dulce artpop y mojopoptroniks, para descarga desde 80 pesos (o mas si gusta).


released July 20, 2012




Albert DesSophy Ciudad De México, Mexico

El dueño de tu tecnojardín

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Track Name: #9Strum
I'm a beast
of the night
I'm awaiting for the silence as you wave goodbye the lights
As your brain
close your eyes
On a EM field I'm moving and I'm trying to catch some lass

Look at the ocean turning tides
just keep me moving through the lights
I'm unaware of what I'm doing in this dream

A radiation powered bite
give me the movements of a kite
I'm unaware of how I look like in this dream

A cross fire
Bears that sire
The vexations of a lunatic that claps as he desires
crashing planes
stabbing knifes
And the sound of the grim reaper as he comes to claim your life

Wait till you lose all that you mind
And you feel fucked up all the time
There is no wonder you'll give up on your dreams

A radiation powered bite
give me the movements of a kite
I'm unaware of how I look like in this dream
Track Name: iT-Rex
iT-Rex is the end of the world
and you are rising and taking us over
tying us to machines that are useless
consuming every inch of our brain

iT-Rex now you need information
to feed the ignorants that will doom our nation
hypocrites, vanalists, pretty faces
with no time to read or think for themselves

no control no president
all we know is what you say
watch those called liberalists
fall into yer corporate hands

No no no
In my head...
No no no
In my head...
Fade out the innocence

iT-Rex caught in an endless loop
of producing/consuming decieving tech
use the world as your garbage disposal
through all your programmed obsolescence

iT-Rex you forget about nature
but you always uptdate all of your social networks
pay the price of your senseless behaviour
when the world as a meteor crush all that you treasure

how can I stand up against
the hopeless future of the earth

No no no
In my head...

Your lies
have work wonders within this time
all that is good, all that is right
this time
we shouldn't have look to the other side
We try
but it's not good enough, is not good enough

No no no
In my head...
Fade out the innocence
Track Name: Under Mist
Watch me down
on my kees
as you wake
next to me
Watch me as
I get old
All I need
Is to love

Watch my face crimson red
As you ask me to stay
what you have when you rest
Is so hard to resist

Watch me now
I'll bestow
all you want
Or so I hope
Watch me pass
while I'm here
just to led
you back to me

Watch my face crimson red
As you plead me to stay
what you have under mist
Is so hard to resist

It's so hard
If I can't be right where you are
to fulfill all your desires
while you wonder where am I

And as long as you might want
you can hold me 'till we die
we could search over the clouds
for a place for you and I

All I want is to be there
as you want me love
Track Name: Fight!
I call the shots
he was dumb enough to fight
he read my sight
and the sin below my eyes

I saw the sun
rising up
out of the dust
somewhere alone

fate! it won't hold his ways
it won't change your place
but it won't turn gray
the glittery days are gone
now the joke's on us

I saw the light
fading out
off his eyes
a fatal blow

This is nothing but is all that you want
This is keeping you against of all that you are

It will feed your imagination
you will plead and you'll never know how wonderful it is
face something that never lets you go
you'll feel that you are never coming back
Track Name: Sola (Te Puedo Ver)
A dónde vas?
quiero saber
mientras no estás
sobre mi piel
A dónde irás?
te puedo ver
y no será lo que fue ayer

A dónde vas?
hoy temo ver
que hay alguien más
quiero saber
A dónde irás?
te quiero ver
y no será como quieres
y no será como quieres
no lo será ya lo verás

el mal
tu paz
verás que estás
Track Name: Next Move
Here it comes
you make your next move
watch it all go by
lost into the sound
of wasted butterflies
dying on the air
you won't move your hand
when it's over it's over
you forget to care

Here it comes
wash it all away
birds won't sing again
everything will fade
let's move with our lifes
nothing left to see
bodies decomposing
of people we loved and
thought they once were free

It's all dying (hearts that are broken)
It's all dying (cracks were kept open)
It's all dying (hearts left with nothing)
It's all dying (soulmates that won't be)
Track Name: Adriana
Ese rojo carmesí
luna de tus labios
Verde haces que viva yo
preso de tus ojos sabios

haces que me queme vivo

vas moviendo mi destino

Ángel tan caotico
sueño de este viaje
muestrale contradicción
a este mundo que arde

Hay un planeta
que gira a tu alrededor
mientras mi lengua
te nombra como a su Dios


Un arcoiris digital
Infierno de mis habitos
Luz que alimenta mi avidez
Tan solo busco estar junto a ti otra vez
Esclavo de tu predicar
desde eras mitológicas
me voy perdiendo lento dentro de este lugar
yo te buscaré
yo te esperaré
hasta el final

Track Name: Kirie
Te hablé de amor
desnudo al fin
sobre tu piel
escenas en papel encuentran fin

El viento es
parte de ti
e igual que tu
con sus designios mueve mis cimientos

Todo lo que puedo dar
esta noche es para ti
no me importa si al final
te marchas

El mar
se acostumbrara a tu ausencia
sin más
se consume mi impaciencia
y en paz
me dirás adios quizá o quizá en silencio
me olvidarás
Track Name: Cut Short
All my little friends
hanging at the loft
what I seem to gain
is coming at their loss

Oh my little friends
as we're growing fast
pieces of our souls
leave not to come back

Why do we feed it
why do we feed this loop

Cause we never pull the plug
we don't try to wind it up
though we never pack it in
we all want it to cut short

Feeling as it fades
we don't really feel sad
Feeling as it fades
swallowed in the distance
Feeling as it fades
buried out of this time
Feeling as it fades
just to start again

All has to end
Track Name: Resplandor
La luz del sol
por tus cabellos

Me hace buscar
cada rincón
de tus anhelos

No importa lo
que haya que hacer
nunca fue fácil

Mas quiero ser
el dueño de
tu corazón

Ya no quiero
la oscuridad del universo
junto a ti
puedo ver
el resplandor de ser eterno

Ensambles de
dos cuerpos que
cruzan sus sueños

las notas que
cantan tus besos

Sonidos que
Quiero crear
siempre a tu lado

hasta que ya
no quede más
de mi

Resplandor / Oscuridad