Sell Your Soul For Water / What Remains

by Albert DesSophy



released April 1, 2013




Albert DesSophy Ciudad De México, Mexico

El dueño de tu tecnojardín

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Track Name: Sell Your Soul For Water
Fade to gray (It's Over)
Obliterate (It's Over)
Sell Your Soul (It's Over)
For Water (It's Over)
Track Name: What Remains
is that all that you seek
in the air
after all you conceived
back then
you were young and naive
it was ok
but now all's wearing thin

but this all
this isn't right
You're full of holes
in your eyes
A mind of sorrow
that bears no light
won't mend it all
mend it all

Such sad face
with no ways to feel free
Burst out of hate
there's no need to be in pain
Open your eyes
seek for truth out of lies
I hope that you have the strength to regain
your true self